Whistle Counter – automatically records the number of times the whistle is sounded


Automatic measurement of the number of whistles sounded

Have you ever forgotten your whistle on the day of a sporting event?
It is unfortunate when none of the participants have a whistle.
Also, there may be times when you really don’t want to blow a whistle that someone else has used, but you have to be the referee!
This whistle app will help you in those situations.
Your phone will become a whistle substitute.

Types of Whistles

There are two types of whistles, one long whistle and two long whistles, which can be set from the settings screen on a case-by-case basis.

Equipped with whistle counter

In addition, a unique feature of this whistle app is that it automatically records the number of times you have blown your whistle.
There is no more need to remember how many times you have blown your whistle.
No need for a record keeper to record them.
You can concentrate on the game as the referee of the match in front of you.
This will surely improve the quality of your refereeing decisions.
We hope you will take advantage of this application.