Search Engine Comparison – Compare results from 7 search engines on the fly


You can easily experience the fact that Internet search results vary by search engine

You know, don’t you?
that Internet search results vary from search engine to them.
However, not many people may have searched for the same keyword in a search engine and compared the results.

Search for “banana”

For example, let’s search for “banana”.
On one search engine, the apparel brand comes first.
On another search engine, Wikipedia comes up first.
Another search engine will put a blog about the health effects of bananas at the top.

So depending on which search engine you use, you see the world differently.
We know this, but few people actually compare the two.
This app makes that comparison easy.
This app allows you to compare search results from the following seven of the world’s most famous search engines.

[ 7 search engines ]

  • Google
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yahoo!
  • WolframAlpha
  • YouTube

Experience the variety of search results!

Simply click on the tabs at the top of the application to go directly to the search engine you want to use.
Are you surprised at the difference in results?
Or will you be convinced?
We invite you to experience it for yourself.
Experience the diversity of the search engine world.