Reading Manager – Have you ever forgotten how many volumes of a comic book you’ve read?


Manage your reading plan with this app

App created because developers want that

This app was created by the developer myself because I felt the need for it.
Have you ever forgotten the name of a book you wanted to read?
Have you ever forgotten how many volumes of a manga you have read?
Have you ever forgotten how many episodes of a Netflix drama series you watched?
These are all based on my experience.
This app was created by a forgetful app developer like me for myself.

Functional Description of the App

Let me explain how this application works.

When you launch the application, there is an add button in the upper left corner.
Clicking it will open a new window.
In the window, you first enter the title of the book or other item you do not want to forget.

Next, and this is the most important part, enter the numerical value that relates to the title.
You may enter the number directly from the keyboard in the number box.
You can also click the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the value, just like a counter.

There is also a field to select a date.
It can be today’s date, or if you have a date you would like to record, it can be that date.

The last section is the notes section.
Make notes here about your impressions of the work and anything else you would like to remember.

When you open the application again later, you can rewrite the record you previously entered.
If you want to modify a title or numerical note, you can do so by clicking on that area.
You may update it daily, for example, when you are reading through a long story.

You may record the number of volumes. You may record the number of pages.

If you are reading a long book, for example, you can keep track of the number of pages you have read.
Please change the number daily and use this application as a support to watch the work to the end.

Unnecessary data can be deleted at any time. By flicking right or left on the item name, a delete button will appear.