QR Code Bookmark – Save & share scanned QR codes on your smartphone


QR codes can be recorded and shared

This app is more than just a QR code scanner.
It can do the following three things.

[1] Immediately search scanned contents

The scanned QR code can be sent directly to the browser for search.

[2] Record the readings in the application. It can be used at a later date.

This feature is the best feature of the application.
You can bookmark the QR codes you scanned.
That is, you can title a QR code and save that information on your own phone.
In the menu bar at the top of the app, there is a menu item called “Bookmark.
The record is kept on this bookmarks page.
The recorded contents are

  1. The title you gave to that QR Code (e.g., the name of a restaurant)
  2. Date the bookmark was saved
  3. Scanned QR Code

The scanned QR Code is underlined.
This indicates that this is a link to jump to the URL indicated by the QR code via a browser.
In other words, you can jump to the URL indicated by the QR code at any time later.

Have you ever had this experience?
You scanned the QR code and visited it on a store’s website, but you threw that flyer away.
You want to look at it again, but I don’t know the QR code…
Use this app to save the scanned QR code for such a case.

[3] Immediately share scanned content.

You can share your scanned QR code with your friends, family or colleagues.
You can send the content of the QR code to someone from various communication apps in your phone, such as SMS, SNS, E-mail, chat, and others.

These three features make “QR Code Bookmark” an application with outstanding characteristics.