Draw To Share – Share your sketches and notes on the spot


Simple hand-drawn sketching application

Sketching app specializing in quick sharing of drawings

Quickly draw or write on a canvas and quickly share with friends, family, or business associates.
This is the only function.
Only black pens can be used.
Canvas is white only.
There are no complicated setups or logins, so you can download and install this app and start using it right away.

You can choose which apps to share

Draw To Share is an application designed to help you draw what comes to mind and immediately put it into perspective.
It does not inhibit your free thinking.
Focus on sharing what you have drawn on the canvas.
When you are done, just click the share button.
You can freely transfer your drawing to any application installed on your device, such as SMS, e-mail, Notepad, Chat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, etc.

Save the image on your own phone

Of course, you can save your drawing as a photo on your device, which you can check and use later with the Photo app.
You can also copy the contents of a canvas and paste it into other applications.

Redraw with one click

If you want to redo what you have drawn, simply click on the trash button.
You will get a confirmation message to erase what you have drawn.
Then you can start drawing again right away.
This is useful when you have an idea for something small, such as shopping, running errands, or something you noticed while walking, but unfortunately don’t have a pen or notepad at hand.
With a smartphone and this app, you will never miss a moment to share an idea again.