Vibrato Machine – Relax on your smartphone in your spare time


Simple application to create continuous vibration

Simple application

This is a simple, single-screen (consisting of only one screen) relaxation app.
The app takes advantage of the vibration feature that all smartphones have.

Start the app, adjust the strength with the slide bar, and gently place the phone on the shoulder, hip, back, arm, top of the head, or any other area you want to relax.


Five vibration speeds

The number of vibrations varies by sliding the slide bar in the center of the screen.
The further the slide bar is to the right, the greater the number of vibrations, and the more continuously the smartphone vibrates.

The number of vibrations varies depending on the model, so please adjust the speed according to your model’s preference.

Help you relax!

The smartphone you carry with you everywhere can help you relax a bit.
Try this new (and slightly different) use for your smartphone.