Simple Bell Light – recommended during sports and walking


Ring simple bells with our app. No more metal bells!

Five different bells to choose from.

There are five different bell types to choose from.
Simply check the bell of your favorite sound on the settings screen.
Therefore, it is possible to choose the bell sound to be used depending on the occasion.

Bell Type

  • short sound
  • Intermediate length sound
  • Long sound
  • single short sound
  • air horn

Adjustable volume control

The volume of the bell is adjusted by adjusting the volume of the smartphone itself, so it can be used in different situations, such as loud when outdoors and quiet when indoors.

Can be used in various situations.

It can be used for walking, jogging, cycling, mountain climbing, calling family members in the house, and many other purposes depending on how it is used.

User interface with only two screens, large area on the screen to ring the bell

It consists of two screens: the bell ringing screen and the settings screen.
In the bell screen, we have tried to make the area where the bell can be rung by tapping the smartphone as wide as possible. We have developed the bell so that it will ring even if the user taps at the very edge of the screen.

Bilingual support

English/Spanish are supported. Languages can be switched with a single touch from the settings screen.

Sleep function OFF

The screen has a function that prevents the screen from going to sleep, allowing for continuous display and ringing of the bell at any time, even during long-distance or extended cycling, for example.
Please configure the settings from the settings screen.

Please use this application widely in various situations from sports to daily life.