Random Memory – Matching game to find pairs from random cards


Find pairs from randomly shuffled cards within the time limit.

Let’s find the same pattern among the cards placed in a jumbled mess!

This game will challenge the limits of your memory.
Find the pattern of a randomly shuffled card within the time limit.

Click on the card to see the reverse side.
When the two card patterns are matched, the two cards disappear from the spot.
Erase all the cards from the field within the time limit.

Don’t miss your chance to sort the cards. Other items also available

Acquisition of items is the key to capture the stage.

The cards dealt are laid out randomly (in a messy manner) on the field, so that sometimes the cards overlap each other, making it impossible to turn them over to see the reverse side.
In such cases, the remaining cards on the field can be rearranged by clicking on shuffle items that appear on a whim.
There are also clock-shaped items that extend the time limit of the stage and heart-shaped items that allow the player to try again.

Characters designed by Ashley Gaunt-Seo

The cards feature comical characters drawn by designer Ashley Gaunt-Seo (@ashleykseo).
Come on, let’s push the limits of your memory.