Panic Alarm – for continuous siren and communication in case of emergency


The siren will continue to sound until the yellow button is pressed to stop it.

An application that emits a continuous siren for emergencies

Once you press the large yellow button located in the center of the first screen, the sirens will sound continuously.
The siren will continue to sound until the user presses the button again to stop it.

Volume control available

The volume of the siren can be controlled directly by the volume control function on the smartphone.

Three types of sirens

The type of siren can be selected from the three types listed by opening the settings screen.


Launch SMS and email applications

The application can directly launch the standard SMS and e-mail applications on smartphones, and messages that have been set up in advance from the settings screen can be sent instantly.

Ability to record location information in the device 

GPS information (location information) during the time this application is running is recorded on your own smartphone (it is not transmitted to the outside).
The location information is recorded as history. You can check the history on the app’s screen.

Your location information (latitude and longitude) can be sent to third parties of your choice by SMS or e-mail on your smartphone.

(Please note)

  • The provider of this application (us) will not obtain the user’s location information.
  • This application is not guaranteed to work in an emergency.
  • Please understand that the application may not work properly depending on the signal conditions, power supply conditions, and operating conditions of the user’s location.