Elevator Matching – Matching game to find the same pattern from cards that move up and down


Match pairs of cards that move up and down like an elevator!

A “visual” matching game that tests dynamic vision and memory

This application is a card game that tests both dynamic vision and memory.
The cards always move at irregular speeds, so it may be called a “visual” matching game rather than a matching game.

Since the cards move up and down, it is not possible to memorize the picture only by the position of the cards.
However, they do not move to the left or right.
Knowing this rule, do not be overly preoccupied with the movement of the cards, but calmly look for combinations of patterns.

That said, the stages also have play time limits, so some decision-making speed is required.

Find the pairs of pictures from the cards that move up and down.

Make effective use of items to complete the game!

If the pairing is wrong, the hearts will be cut in half, but they can be recovered with heart-shaped items that appear from time to time.

Getting clock-shaped items adds to the time limit, allowing you to play longer.

Taking watch and heart items is advantageous.

Characters designed by Ashley Gaunt-Seo

The card features wonderful characters by Ashley Gaunt-Seo (@ashleykseo).

Full use of dynamic vision and memory

Use your dynamic vision and memory to quickly find all pairs of cards and remove all cards from the field.