Contact Blocks – Action physical puzzle game with falling blocks that stick together


A puzzle in which the object is to place the starred blocks in contact with each other while avoiding the blocks in the way.

Original Action Physical Puzzle Game

Contact Blocks” is an original action-puzzle game in which the player must bring star-shaped blocks into contact with each other while avoiding blocks in the way.

Clear the stage by making contact with the star-shaped blocks.

The condition for clearing a stage is to make contact between two starred blocks.
The higher the screen position, the higher the score.

Eliminate blocks in your way at the right time!

Blocks fall from above, so it is important to read the timing of collisions with other blocks.
Blocks come in multiple patterns, including round, square, triangular, and hexagonal.
It is exhilarating to erase colorful blocks one after another.

No time limit

There is no time limit for this game.
Predict the movement of the falling blocks due to gravity, and think carefully about how to bring the starred blocks into contact with each other.
However, a split-second timing may be important.

Note the black block that cannot be erased.

Blocks other than star blocks can be erased by tapping them, but only black blocks cannot be erased.
Black blocks will appear as you clear the stage.
How you guide the black blocks will determine whether you can clear the stage or not.
The game will be over if a black block is grounded while there is a black block between the starred blocks.

The stages are endless.

There is no limit to the number of stages.
There is also a continue function, so you can resume from the previously advanced stage.

Excitement at the moment the blocks make contact

We hope you will experience the elation of the moment when the blocks marked with a star make contact with each other.

Clear the block by making contact with it.