Cat Catcher Light – A game of reflexes to catch moving cats


Click the bouncing cat within the time limit

Simple casual action game

Cat Catcher Light is a simple yet casual action game in which players click all the circular balls with illustrations of cats bouncing around the screen to erase them within a time limit.
Use your dynamic vision and reflexes to the fullest to chase the fleeing cats.
Cats may be clicked in any order.
When tapped, the cat makes different meows depending on the type of cat.

For a wide range of ages

Due to its simplicity, this game can be enjoyed by all ages, from children to adults.

You can also enjoy it on the big screen of your tablet.

This game is compatible with tablets as well as smartphones. You can play it on the big screen of your tablet.

Charming characters drawn by Yan Liu

Cute cat character balls drawn by Yan Liu (@abbpandalyn) spin and bounce all over the screen.

They move faster as the time limit looms.

The cats move progressively faster over time, making it that much more difficult to click and catch them.

Also, as the stage progresses, the number of cats increases, which makes clearing the stage more difficult.

Casual fun app

Cat Catcher Light is a beginner’s version of the Cat Catcher series, and each stage can be completed in as little as 20 seconds. It is an application that can be easily enjoyed in your spare time.